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MLM Membership - Register for Community special access & Multi Commission Casback

  • I agree to not provide a username and password to anyone else to access and retrieve information on this website.
  • I can make sure that the address and mobile phone number (mobile) is valid.
  • I volunteer and do not regret to register on this website after seeing and weigh carefully.
  • I understand that the registration fee can not be withdrawn, and I instead I will receive access rights into a community forum on the website
  • I understand that the cost shown is to get premium access permissions into a forum / community, and then I will have ID MLM, the possibility of income, the amount is not binding and not sure.
  • I am a buyer and promised members aware and understand the profit potential of this system as recommended by the site manager.
  • I am aware that spamming is forbidden, for it is in the promotion to earn a commission on this product I would not spamming.
  • I do not mind my membership account and blocked, if later there was a report on the activities that violate the rules, or break the law, which I do.
  • I promise to abide by the rules set by the administrator of this website. and are willing to accept sanctions if violated. I realize that the regulations are made for the safety and comfort me, and all the members of this Website
  • Appropriate registration fee set (ranging 380rb / 38 usd) see table registration fees, please check

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